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On being told to “smile.”

I recently updated my Facebook profile photo to the one show above, and was met with comments regarding my seemingly  displeased expression. 

Though I know most weren’t malintended, the circumstance provided an opportunity to give life to thoughts I’d been considering for a while. 

“On being told to ‘smile.'”

I will not apologize for emoting. 

The only sincerity in my sorrow is that you fear the recognition of pain, anger, contemplation and grief, that you instruct their repression, and you revel in their eradication. 

Do not diminish me to relinquish responsibility for the existence of emotions you would rather not experience. 

Do not qualify me as an inconvenience simply because my expression provokes thoughtfulness. 

Do not reject me in the wake of a denied pleasantry.

Do not seek to slather fractures in preferred perfection for the sake of hubris. 

Identify, accept and respond. 
Consider, question and grow. 

Do not tell me to smile. 

Instead, question why I won’t.


Watch your language: Commentary on Elite’s “20 things women shouldn’t have to apologize for”

I’ve seen this list floating around on Facebook and Twitter lately and it’s not as great as the comments and status updates would make it seem.

Photo credit: Elitedaily.com
Photo credit: Elitedaily.com

The list does cover some good things, indicating that women should not be given a separate set of expectations than men concerning their sexual partners, bodily functions or financial and social independence.

One of the more interesting points was not having to apologize for “not liking children,” however, that seemed like less of a feminist point and more of a point regarding the acceptance of someone’s personality and/or preferences. Continue reading Watch your language: Commentary on Elite’s “20 things women shouldn’t have to apologize for”

The lamest dames in literature: 5 of the worst female role models

Remember 12, 13, 14-year-old you? Maybe you picked up Jane Eyre or Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice or Alice in Wonderland.

Unlike the leading ladies of those novels, the following protagonists lack the luster of self-confidence, fortitude and ambition of quality female role models.

So, prepare for some sass, as these fickle females fall beneath the lash of language.

1. Bella Swan (The Twilight Saga):

Photo credit: Creative Commons
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Oh yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard this one, but she’s still worth a mention.

Isabella, or “just Bella,” Swan, is the female narrator and protagonist of Stephanie Meyers’ The Twilight Saga. 

Bella allows her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and best friend, Jacob Black, to physically and emotionally mistreat her, claiming that she must bring it upon herself.  Bella thinks nothing of being forcibly kissed, shoved, grabbed or told what to do.Instead of making her own choices, she lets the men in her life chose for her out of fear and submission.

In New Moon, the second book in the series, Edward breaks up with Bella and leaves town, making further contact impossible. Instead of taking a few days to grieve and then trying to move forward, Bella literally curls up in a ball and becomes lifeless—believing that there is no purpose to life without her boyfriend.

The majority of New Moon is incredibly painful to read just because most of it consists of Bella whining about missing Edward and his golden eyes and icy skin.

Really? Give me a break. Continue reading The lamest dames in literature: 5 of the worst female role models

50 Shades of what am I getting into

Hello lovelies,

Photo credit: Creative Commons
Photo credit: Creative Commons

I will be reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy over the next few days for an upcoming post.

Since I have no experience with the series, other than passive media consumption, I am looking for any and all suggestions, opinions, feelings, rants etc. 

Please direct all commentary, gifs, haikus, personal essays etc. to my email account:


You da, you da best.


Write on!