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“The boy on the bench,” he says softly.
“You never told me about him.”

His voice says everything he refuses to.
Tension coils in the static.
He waits, feigning patience, as I let implications take the weight of any words I could expel.

“He wanted to be there,” I say, shrugging.
“You didn’t.”


Can you define love?

In a conversation with my partner, I asked him what he thought of love, saying:

“Does love happen when you realize your partner isn’t magical or mysterious but they’re just another person who burps and farts and has anxieties and makes dumb decisions, but you still want to feel the things you feel whenever you’re around them whether they’re really magical or not.”

And he responded with the following:

“I would agree with you, I feel that it is finding someone who is willing to accept you for your mistakes and your accomplishments alike, and you, the same for them. Not out of a sense of obligation or to be nice or kind, but out of the simple fact that your life would be meaningless without them. ” 

San Diego 2013
San Diego 2013

Do you agree? How do you see love?

Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at writewelldaily@gmail.com

Write on!

Morning musings

I love to wear your clothes
and let us blend between the folds.

Sweat sweet on sleeves,
Sun seeps,
twisted threads weep.
A lazy haze abounds, freed.

Your skin flush with mine.
Cheeks pinked like wine
Left blushing, hot,
Soft hands on thighs.

Borders swaddled in time.

I love to wear your clothes.

Where fabric ends,
Minds intertwine.