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No fault in Green’s stars: TFiOS exceeds expectations

The Fault In Our Stars faltered, but once, during its delicate unveiling of the unceasingly-defiant and terminally-ill teenage humanity.

Photo credit: Creative Commons
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Though I tend to avoid books about illness, organ transplants, or medical abnormalities, I elected to read John Green’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel simply to see if it was as good as everyone claimed.

The story follows teenager Hazel, who has been struggling with thyroid cancer since age 13. She is stagnantly unconsumed by her illness, fighting through the very essence of her self-hood for consideration as a being, and not a disease. Green writes her well, though she, at times, descends into some rather stereotypical teenage tropes.

But, she is only 16, and for being so young she is incredibly and believably deep.

During one of her support-group attendances, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old amputee with an addiction to gracious flamboyance, metaphors and tragic-hero sacrifice.

The two pique each other’s interests immediately, and the story cascades from there.

If you haven’t read, or finished, the novel, please don’t click the “continue reading” section as there will be ample spoilers past that point.

But, before you depart, don’t hesitate to read the novel. Green writes each character nearly flawlessly, keeping the story poignantly realistic with a dusting of optimism to dull the reader’s masochistic pursuit.

Don’t let anyone spoil it for you, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

**CAUTION, SOME SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT** Continue reading No fault in Green’s stars: TFiOS exceeds expectations


Morning musings

I love to wear your clothes
and let us blend between the folds.

Sweat sweet on sleeves,
Sun seeps,
twisted threads weep.
A lazy haze abounds, freed.

Your skin flush with mine.
Cheeks pinked like wine
Left blushing, hot,
Soft hands on thighs.

Borders swaddled in time.

I love to wear your clothes.

Where fabric ends,
Minds intertwine.