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Best gifts for writers that AREN’T books: accessories edition

Hungry-hungry caterpillar makeup bag 

For the femme fatale on your holiday shopping list, this present

Photo credit: Out of Print
Photo credit: Out of Print

embraces the best of business and pleasure with colorful designs from the beloved children’s book The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Perfect for any artist or makeup enthusiast, this cute little tote is a lovely find.

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Custom-made Poe shoes

Photo credit: Etsy
Photo credit: Etsy


Made to order, these flats can be customized to feature almost any design, making them a very personalized present for your favorite book worm.

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Holiday haters: 3 books to change your tune

The holidays can be a duplicitous bitch.

Either you’re adorning all your flat surfaces in twinkling lights and tinsel, or chugging down enough “adult beverages” to make all the family gatherings bearable.

Abhorring this ambivalence is totally natural, no worries.  We’ve all hated the holidays at some point.

So, next time you’re curled up with some Irish coffee, and attempting to avoid ABC family’s “25 days of Christmas” marathon, bury your nose in one of these books.

I’m not promising butterflies to warm your Grinchy soul, but these stories will remind you of something you’ve forgotten to be thankful for.

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg 

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Awarded the Caldecott Medal for children’s literature in 1986, this wonderful picture book starts with the story of a boy losing faith in the meaning of Christmas.

Sound familiar?

So, Little Boy Blue is contemplating his existential Christmas crisis, and a magical, Hogwarts-style train shows up, complete with conductor.

The boy succumbs to the charms of the candy-filled train where he befriends other children his age and continues on a magical journey to meet Santa and watch the elves present the first gift of Christmas.

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Now, while the above summary sounds a lot like a “To Catch a Predator” plot line, the most important part of the book is the ending.

While our protagonist is visiting the North Pole, he asks for a single bell from a reindeer’s harness. And, on his way home, the bell mysteriously vanishes.

Will the bell return? Will the boy re-connect with his inner Christmas angel?

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