See what your favorite celebs are reading and recommending on Twitter

BookVibe is a new website created by Parakweet that uses your Twitter handle to tell you what books the people you’re following are talking about.

Said to be “streets ahead of Amazon” by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, this site processes the entirety of your Twitter feed into a singular list of reading recommendations.

The site offers a preview option, where you can insert your Twitter handle and see what your “Book Stream” would look like. By making an actual account, the user can create a reading list, explore what other celebrities and users are reading and see what’s trending.

BookVibe shows a general grade for each book out of five stars as well as the level of “social buzz,” or how much the book is being talked about. The trending option allows users to choose a week and see the top trending or top discussed books for that week.  The trending option also allows the user to narrow down the list by category, including genres like “Food & Wine,” “Romance” “Technology” and “Science Fiction.”

The site has great potential as long as its popularity continues to increase. The more celebrities that participate and add bookshelves, the more appeal the site will have. If people went crazy over celebrities with Twitter and Instagram, it’s fair to say BookVibe could have the same appeal.

You can like BookVibe on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Give it a shot! Making an account is quick and takes very little commitment. It’s a small risk with a potentially large reward.


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