Write Well Daily’s 30 Day Book Selfie Challenge!

I’ve wanted to do some sort of photo challenge, but couldn’t find anything that really suited my blog, audience etc.

So, I made one!

The following list includes the subject of the photo for each day, with which I’ll include a brief explanation! I’ll be posting on my Instagram and Tumblr for sure, but most of the images should make it on here as well.


  • You must post every day according to the list.
  • You must incorporate the book and yourself into the photo.
  • If you don’t have a copy of the book or the poem, you must act it out or represent it in some way
  • Most importantly, have fun!


1. The book, or books, you’re currently reading
2. Your favorite picture book as a kid
3. Your favorite chapter book as a kid
4. The best book you had to read for school, work, etc.
5. The book/poem/short story that had the best plot twist
6. The book or books with the best female lead
7. The book or books with the best male lead
8. Book or books with your favorite supporting character/characters
9. The book that you would recommend to anyone, ever
10. A book or books by your favorite childhood author
11. Book or books by your favorite teenage/young adult author
12. Book or books by your favorite adult author
13. Favorite piece/pieces of fiction
14. Favorite piece/pieces of non-fiction/journalism/biography
15. Favorite poem and/or short story
16. Favorite romance
17. Favorite play/drama
18. Favorite screed adaptation of a novel, poem or play
19. Favorite books in a series
20. Most disappointing book you had to read for school, work etc.
21. Book you struggled with the most
22. The book/books you’ve always wanted to read but have yet to
23. The longest book you’ve ever read
24. The book you’re most proud of reading
25.  A book/books that changed you for the better or made you think
26.  A book/books with the best setting or backdrop
27. A book with one of your favorite quotes (include the quote if possible)
28. The book with the most disappointing ending
29. Books you plan to read this year
30. Your favorite book, like, ever

Feel free to take this adventure with me, just make sure to let me know so I can follow your posts as well!

Wohoo! Book-Selfie Challenge 2014!


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