Watch your language: Commentary on Elite’s “20 things women shouldn’t have to apologize for”

I’ve seen this list floating around on Facebook and Twitter lately and it’s not as great as the comments and status updates would make it seem.

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The list does cover some good things, indicating that women should not be given a separate set of expectations than men concerning their sexual partners, bodily functions or financial and social independence.

One of the more interesting points was not having to apologize for “not liking children,” however, that seemed like less of a feminist point and more of a point regarding the acceptance of someone’s personality and/or preferences.

Now, what I didn’t necessarily agree with was the middle finger photo used as the featured image. To me, this identified with a very aggressive and angry assertion of independence or not caring.

Instead of an image that portrayed the article from an informed and passionate point of view, the selected image made the text seem brash and uninformed.  Though the piece was conversational and well written, the image misconstrued the content before I even started reading.

Additionally, a few of the items mentioned on the list could have been excluded, such as the apology for “bra cup sizes,” “painting our faces,” “being type-a,” “Eating healthy” and “eating too much.” To me, most of these issues can be solved with self-confidence.

Though self-confidence  isn’t as easily drawn from as I’ve implied, feeling self-conscious about elements of your personality, the makeup you’re wearing or your diet is not solely to blame on the statements made by those around you. Though other people’s opinions may be present, they’ll only affect you as much as you let them.

I would really like to see a list like this from the male perspective. It would be interesting to see what men think they shouldn’t have to “apologize for” or what unrealistic expectations they feel they’re suffering under.

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4 thoughts on “Watch your language: Commentary on Elite’s “20 things women shouldn’t have to apologize for””

  1. Totally agree!

    I am a feminist, hear me Roar, and all that, but come on, I don’t need to stick my tongue out and pull a Miley.

    I’m good on that, thanks.

    Sharing this post and following your blog!

  2. I agree. This covers how I feel about all of the lists floating around, honestly. I feel like it’s cool the recognize that there are certain things that we don’t need to give an explanation for all of the time, but then again in a really simple way of saying it “DO YOU.”

    I haven’t read this list because I’m tired of seeing them because everyone thinks they’ve become some sort of life guru but I assumed it was like similar that I’ve read, basically telling me how to live and be a free spirit.

    I’ll do it how I please, thanks. I can also still respect myself as a woman while living for myself.

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