5 Pieces of Inspiring Writing to Start 2014 off Right!

We all know New Years resolutions are easier said than done, but here are some short, quick reads to keep your chin up and motivate you toward all your personal goals!

1. Still I Rise

By Maya Angelou

This great, inspiring poem tells readers to embrace themselves just as they are– no exceptions. Angelou challenges the audience asking if “this” and “that” offends them, repeating “still I’ll rise.”

Listen to the author, or read it here! 

2. Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

by Emily Dickinson

This short, vivid poem depicts hope as a bird that nestles in the readers soul and feeds the flames of inspiration and motivation. A worthy read for anyone.

Listen to it or read it here!

3. The Charge of the Light Brigade

by Lord Alfred Tennyson

A personal favorite of mine, this adventure story/ quasi-elegy remembers the heroic charge of 600 riders into the Valley of Death. It’s exciting language and fast pace draws the reader in,  motivating and encouraging them with each passing line.

Listen to this really epic recitation or read it here!

4. If

By Rudyard Kipling

This list of hypothetical questions invited the reader to a series of scenarios where they’ll be forced to make difficult and challenging decisions. But, if the reader can handle this, Kipling ends with the promise that “if” the reader can face these moments, then they will have reached manhood.

Listen to it read by Sir Michael Caine  or read it here!

5. Invictus

By William Ernest Henley

This classic, inspiring poem proves to the reader that even in the darkest of times,  they are still the owners of their souls.

Listen to it read by Morgan Freeman in a scene from the movie Invictus, or read it here.

Remember, your New Years resolutions may be challenging, but keep your head up and your heart strong! Keep pushing for a better year and a better you.

Write on!


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