Best gifts for writers that AREN’T books: Home & Office edition

We all have a reader in the family—yeah─ one of those weirdos that has their nose in a book or keeps sneaking away to jot down notes for their next novel.

And, now that it’s Christmas time you think you’ve got gift-giving in the bag, right?


Photo credit: Creative Commons
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Do yourself and your loved one a favor. Don’t run out to Barnes and Noble and sink to the level of an impersonal gift card. Don’t buy more notebooks—I guarantee they have a million, most of which are probably half empty and awaiting the ending of some swiftly-scrawled short story.

Before you buy them a set of gilded dictionaries, look through this list of great gifts for writers, readers and book lovers in general.

From a bibliophile to her audience, I promise these presents will bring joy to any lover of the written word.

The Book Seat:

This great little travel caddy holds your book open when you’re reading on the train, plane or in the car. It can be used as a travel pillow, and will stand on its own regardless of the angle of the surface you placed it on. It comes in multiple colors and styles.

The Book Seat
The Book Seat

Available on Amazon.

 Book cover coaster set:

This adorable little coaster set is perfect for a faculty member or close friend. At $20 it’s a great purchase that can make any place a little more cozy and literary-friendly. Featuring eight different, well-known book covers, this  is a wonderful gift idea for readers and writers alike.

Eight-piece coaster set
Eight-piece coaster set

Available on Out of Print .

Typewriter teapot:

Perfect for the writer or tea enthusiast in the family, this gift gives the best of both worlds with its aesthetics and brewing properties.

Created by Tony Carter, and branded as a collectible, this teapot is worth every expense as its value can be passed down through future generations as part of the legacy of the written word.

Tony Carter typewriter teapot
Tony Carter typewriter teapot

Available on Acorn.

 “NERD” bookends:

These sturdy, steel letters will hold up even the largest anthologies

"NERD" bookends
“NERD” bookends

on either end of your desk, dresser or shelf. Hand-crafted and sold on Etsy, these bookends can be made to order, and though they may be a little pricier, still add a sentimental and personal touch to any gift.

Available on Etsy.

Bathtub reader/drink caddy:

Any reader out there will hail this gift as a godsend.

Bathtub book caddy
Bathtub book caddy

Speaking from experience, trying to read in the bathtub is essentially the same as “Survivor” the home game. Trying not to dip pages in the water, arms getting tired etc. The struggle is real, people.

Anyway, this is a great investment as a holiday gift, but also as a present from a reader to themselves. A caddy complete with collapsible book stand and drink coaster is simply a no brainer.

Available on Amazon.

Stay tuned for the Clothing and Accessories editions of “Best gifts for writers!” 


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