Amazon’s strange mistake works in author’s favor

According to a post on Penguin Teen’s Tumblr, yesterday Amazon randomly changed the author of The Fault in Our Stars from John Green to Holt McDougal, a well-known textbook publisher.

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However, instead of eliciting confusion or frustration, John Green fans and other Amazon reviewers responded with comical support and praise for the new author saying things like:

“one could say this book is very John-Green-esque. Seriously, if you don’t like John Green, Holt McDougal is the next best thing,” and “John Green can only hope to aspire to the power of this book.”

Read the full reviews on Penguin Teen’s Tumblr  here .

Photo credit: Creative Commons
Photo credit: Creative Commons

John Green also re-blogged the post to his Tumblr  and tweeted about it, sharing the humor.

The Fault in Our Stars is available on Amazon and Better World Books.

The feature film is scheduled to premiere in June of 2014.


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