Write Well Daily is now on Goodreads!!


Write Well Daily is now on Goodreads!

I’m rather new to the site, as the only time I’ve seen it has been on other Tumblrs and the occasional Facebook. So, if you have any tips or advice on how the site operates or how I can best use it– please comment below! I am very receptive to help and would love your input!

Once I leave school to head home for Thanksgiving I’ll be adding a lot more books to my “read” and “want to read” pages, so stay tuned! If you’re following @writewelldaily on Twitter, I’m pretty sure I’ve sent you a friend request and/or follow you– I’m not really sure how it all works just yet.

But– here is the link to my profile:


Please follow/friend/message me  or just get in touch! I would love to see what all of you are reading or read your reviews and recommendations!!

I hope all of you are well, and look forward to connecting with you.

Write on!


4 thoughts on “Write Well Daily is now on Goodreads!!”

  1. Hey! That’s awesome! I’ve been using Goodreads since June to moderate our bookclub. It is great site! I’d suggest taking a lazy weekend afternoon just to peruse the site for an hour and check out some of the posted author events. A couple months ago, Anne Rice did an interview via video chat on her new book release. Goodreads members where able to sign in and listen in.

      1. Oh! There are so many cool groups on there! Did you fill out your Goodreads profile? If not, fill out your profile, first. Then start adding books to your “to-read” shelf. When you do this, you can click and find out which groups are also reading your “to-read” books and join in with them. Also, some bookclubs and groups on GR meet in real life too. Goodreads takes advantage of that by recommending local groups with same zip code with helps with finding books signing, and author events, etc.

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