Jonothan’s Hands

Oh Jonothan, that Jonothan,

Yes we knew him well.

Just go ‘round,

Ask everyone,

They’ll tell you he was swell.

Jon—he had these hands, you see,

These hands, and eyes, and ears.

Actually, all of Jonothan

Was envied by his peers.

“Hey—give me a hand!”

They’d say, and off would pop his right.

“Yes, yes! I need one too!”

They cried, and the left was off in flight.

Jon’s eyes, I heard, were more absurd

than any there may be,

they’d slip right out of ol’ Jon’s head

and fly out across the seas.

You’d never see Jon dancing

As his legs were off to play,

Dancing ‘round the quadrille

Until dusk had conquered day.

“Oh Jon, you darling dear,”

They’d  wonder, he and she,

“how can you live from day to day

When all your parts are flying free!”

And dear old Jon, the kindest thing,

he’d sit, and smile, and say,

“I suppose someone needed them.

So I gave them all away.”


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