How 3 books and my karate family changed my life

Check out this guest post I did for Calm Me Maybe!

Calm Me Maybe

By Karly Gombert, guest blogger (writewelldaily)

Hello, all. My name is Karly and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been practicing a Korean style of karate called “Chun Kuk Do” since I was 11.

Since beginning as a participant in one of Presti Karate Centers’ summer camp sessions, I earned my first and second-degree blackbelts, taught my own classes, started and coached a demonstration and competition team, competed in local and world tournaments and became part of a loving and supportive family.      

I have had the same instructor since I first started—a wonderful and insightful man who I credit with many of the reasons why I am the person I am today. He recommended most of these stories to me, and encouraged me to take their lessons to heart, saying they would help me through most of the problems I was facing then, and some…

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